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Aconite PV 7000


  • Digital LED bar graph to monitor and control the Patient's Airway pressure.
  • High pressure limit can be digitally seatable through LED Bar graph.
  • BPM display to set the Respiration Rate digitally.
  • Three independent keys and LED to select the desired I:E ratio.
  • Tidal volume can be setted by adjusting the Inspiratory flow control
  • Alarm mute available for two minutes.

ACONITE PV 7000 is a Microprocessor based Pneumatically operated, Volume and Time Cycled, Electronically controlled Anesthesia Ventillator. ACONITE PV 7000 is an user friendly Anaesthesia Ventillator and suitable for Adult and Peadiatric Patients. It's compatible for all types Anaesthesia machines and it's circuits.

Tidal Volume 50 to 1200ml
Frequency 8 to 40 BPM
I:E Ratio 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3
Pressure Display -20 to 60 mBar in LED Bar Graph
High Pressure Limit 20 to 60 mBar
Alarms High Pressure, Low Pressure, Active Patient and Driving gas Low
Power Input 90 to 260VAC 50/60HZ
Driving Gas Input 3Bar Pressure

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